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Food sensitivities and intolerances are different from food allergies and they cause an entirely different set of symptoms in your body. These delayed immune reactions to food are extremely common and lead to a number of the chronic symptoms

Using test vials that are imprinted with a electromagnetic signatures and the reba testing device, We test for 75 of the most common foods like gluten, diary, nuts, fruits etc.

Testing for sensitivities to laundry soap, cleaners and personal hygiene products can also be done. These products can often have a very negative impact on our endocrine/hormonal system. 

The testing is non invasive and can be done on kids as young as 6 weeks old

and only takes about 20 min. With the food sensitivities organ testing is also recommended to see if there is any underlaying issues.

Food sensitivities can often show in different ways like rashes, joint pain, headaches, stomach issues, bloated, water retention, digestive issues, sinus infections excessive phlegm, dark circles under eyes, acne (especially on chin or cheeks), weak immune system, respiratory issues or it can even just show up as fatigue.



Many people confuse a food sensitivity with a food intolerance or allergy.  They might each get similar symptoms but they are quite different

Food sensitivity is a persons physical response to a certain food, beverage, or ingredient. The symptoms might be only digestive problems. However, you may also have fatigue, headache, sore joints, heart burn, or "brain fog"

There are ways to manage a food sensitivity. At Wild and Co, food desensitization therapy is offered, the goal of the desensitization therapy is to reduce the bodies inflammatory response. Once we determine the foods, beverage or ingredient the body reacts too. we would implement a gut healing protocol and refraining from foods anywhere from a week to 3 months, then we would start the food desensitization therapy. Typically, this can be done over 1-3 sessions (30 min each) and can hold for months to years, without needing to repeat.

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