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At Wild & Co. We offer what is known as "Psychosomatic Energy Therapy"  It is a amazing natural healing method from Europe. Reba testing uses a modern complementary medicine approach that addresses emotional issues and how these issues affect a person’s & even our pets, physical and mental health. Often times we don't realize how much emotional blockages are connected to physical issues.

Rubimed therapy is also very benefical for kids, when kids go through the Rubimed therapy they ussually become more resilient to school, social stress and the situations that life may bring. Rubimed uses non invasive treatment options for kids experiencing pain, fear and stress. With clinical studies showing 90% improvement in behavioral disorders, ADD, ADHA, stress, anxiety depression and exhaustion.



During your first Rubimed session, we would figure out your own base lines for your delta (physical body), theta (emotional body) alpha (mental body) and beta (spiritual body) brain waves. Just as a dog can hear a dog whistle, but we cannot, our bodies and brains are affected and react to the sound waves created by the REBA device. The body responds to this fight or flight by tightening certain muscles, which can be measured in a change in the length of your arms. (applied Kinesiology) Then we recieve the data that show us the balance of each of your types of brain waves. Often we find one set of waves are either over-functioning or under-functioning during stress. The results are different for each person. Once we know we can then introduce remedies to target the particular areas that are out of balance ♡


With this type of therapy we’ve found that clients who are dealing with these Challenges have found great benefit from REBA testing and its remedies. * Lack of energy * Low motivation * Unable to unwind or relax * Feeling overwhelmed Tension headaches *Menopausal symptoms including: hot flashes / night sweats / emotional outbursts * PMS * Insomnia * Anxiety * Depression * Panic attacks * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia * PTSD * Eating disorders * Chronic pain * Traumatic memory loss / dissociation * Digestive issues

We work with both pets and humans ♡ as pets can hold just as much emotions as us humans can.

*Disclaimer: The information that I present is intended for information. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Persons or animals with any health related problem should consult a qualified, licensed professional health care provider or Veterinary services for guidance. These therapies are intended to enhance, not replace any treatment program prescribed or recommended by a physician or veterinarian

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