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Couples Therapy Retreat

You and your partner will enjoy four days of calm, country life in the beautiful Peace River country. This unique couples retreat offers the opportunity to renew relationships through trust building, improving communications skills, broadening understandings, and re-igniting intimacy.

Through the gentle partnership of our horses and your three highly experienced counsellors and equine professionals, you and your partner will benefit from private counselling sessions, group counselling sessions and equine-facilitated wellness sessions. All while surrounded by the serenity of nature. 

Dates: July 27-30, 2023 or August 18-21, 2023

Grief & loss program

At this time, it feels like everyone is going through big changes- loss of loved ones, careers, new life paths. We are all learning to move forward in new ways. With moving forward its easy to get stuck grieving the old. Together Choosing Change Counseling, Wild & Co. and the gentle approach of Equine Therapy, we are offering a safe place to navigate those changes! Here you will find the support you need to step into you life with fresh eyes, full of confidence. 

The journey through grief is profoundly personal. This unique group allows the unconditional acceptance and grace of the horse to gently support you along yours.

Dates: stay tuned for upcoming dates

Trauma Recovery

Equine-Facilitated Healing

Trauma is a little word with heavy meaning. The weight of it can feel too much for one to carry at times. Our trauma informed counsellors and equine partners are here to gently lighten this load. Discover how the horse can intuitively give you what you need in order to find calm and understanding all while building resilience. Their non-judgmental, un-biased presence provides a safe space to let go and simply be.

Dates: stay tuned for upcoming dates

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With the use of our horses, we offer programs that are fully adaptable to your needs. These Workshops have tremendous value. This is hands-down the closest you can get to 1-on-1 facilitation. Integrating the experiential arena programs, classroom time, horses as teachers and the dynamic course materials, these custom tailored workshops promise outstanding results.

Why Horses? 

A horse’s entire perception of a person is based on behaviour. Words, looks, background, are things that are not important to a horse. They only react to a person’s body language, methods of coping, and approach. Working with horses brings awareness to where shifts might need to happen in life, they create a mirror for us. The nature of the horse and its ability to experience a wide range of human emotions creates an instant horse/human connection and the opportunity for life-changing metaphor.

Horses provide instant non judgemental feedback, and can usually get to the heart of the matter within minutes! It's simply one of the best way to accomplish deep, transformative change.



-Grief and Loss

-Life transitions

-Personal Empowerment

-Self trust & Confidence

-Childhood Trauma​



​-Corporate Business





and so much more

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